Attention! Self-curing may be a reason for some unwanted effects, which can strongly harm your health. Before putting to usage any preparation, have a proper consultation at a specialist. And you must remember that as it is a preparation with sedative effect, it is not recommended to work with any machinery or drive a car, because you may lose attention or even fall asleep. soma no prescription One tablet has 500 mg of the active substance of the cure. The starting dose is 350 mg a day. This makes 4 tablets. Intake them with needed amount of water. However, do not intake them all at once, but divide in 4 phases throughout the day.

It is supposed to be stored at room temperature, far away from moisture and bright light. It should not be stored in the washroom and is highly advisable to keep it away from pets and children. Disposal of this medication also has to be done with caution to prevent any hazards. buy soma Let your supervisor know whether you have any problems with liver or kidneys. In such cases, the dosing is commonly decreased.

Too long usage may lead to medical addiction to this cure. Consequently, it should be used for a brief period. The course of treatment and dosing regimen are individual. Everything depends of the severity and specification of the illness. tramadol health Tramadol serves to be the useful analgesic pain relieving drug which is used for the treatment of all types of pain inducing problems in the patients. This drug is approved by FDA for marketing and is thus readily available in the markets. Not only in the treatment of pain inducing conditions but the use of Tramadol is also made in combination with many other medicines for the cure of different medical problems. There are many pain relieving drugs available in the markets these days that the patients can use. However the problem with these drugs is that they have high rate of side effects. Tramadol on the other side has no such side effect and with little care you can use this drug for a pain free life.

Soma is a muscle relaxant drug that is used for the treatment of the pain due to muscular cramps and other related medical conditions. Soma is a legal drug that is easily available with all the major drug suppliers and chemist stores. This drug is actively used for the treatment of the injuries that are a result of any accident or trauma such as violence and beatings. The use of Soma is made actively in conjunction with the physical rest therapies. These therapies include muscle relaxing exercises and aerobics. soma for sale In case you experience some of the adverse effects, which will be stated below, immediately turn for medical help.

Soma is a popular medicine used to treat muscular ailment among children and adults. This medicine works effectively in curing muscular pain as it blocks the sensation between the person’s brain and connecting nerves. Buy Soma this drug is very popularly consumed, caution should be exercised more than often considering consumption of this drug can become a habit. It is always recommended to consume this medication strictly through doctor’s prescription. Also known as Carisoprodol, consumption of this drug is only for short periods. buy soma online Today the internet has become one of the best sources for a person to get whatever they want. This is a hub that provides a lot of opportunities for people who want to buy things like medication which can be very expensive if bought from a regular store. This is beneficial especially for those who are undergoing financial problems and have to undergo treatments to deal with chronic pain. Doctors prefer to prescribe soma as this is a tablet that has helped many people who are dealing with pain.

Začíná prodej povolenek na rok 2017

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od 5.12.2016 začíná prodej povolenek a členských známek na rok 2017

Provozní doba kanceláře v roce 2017


Pondělí – Pátek od 2.1. – 22.1.2017  Pondělí a Čtvrtek tzn. 23.1. a 26.1.2017

10.00 hod. – 16. 30 hod.

únor  a březen           

Pondělí a Čtvrtek

10.00 hod. – 16. 00 hod.

duben – červenec


10.00 hod. – 16. 00 hod.

srpen – listopad

Pondělí – po telefonické dohodě na

tel. 603910557


Pondělí a Čtvrtek

10.00 hod. – 16. 00 hod.

o státních svátcích  –  zavřeno


Jan Bačina Předseda 605 931 508
Jindřich Včelák Jednatel 737 132 664
Radek Zahrádka Hospodář 724 311 388
Jan Linhart Vedoucí mládeže 607 973 507
Kancelář MO Prodej povolenek 603 910 557


Členské příspěvky – poplatky v roce 2017

Členské příspěvky
Dospělí 400,- Kč 60,-Kč 460,-Kč
Mládež 16- 18 let 200,- Kč 60,-Kč 260,-Kč
Děti do 15 let 100,- Kč 60,-Kč 160,-Kč


Zápisné nových členů  
Dospělí 400,- Kč  
Mládež 16- 18 let 200,- Kč  
Děti do 15 let 0,- Kč Na základě usnesení ze dne 28.3.2015 byl   poplatek zrušen pro podporu dětí.


Příspěvek na závody
20,- Kč
Poštovné, tiskoviny 20,- Kč
Manipulační poplatek 20,- Kč

Členské příspěvky je nutné uhradit do konce dubna, jinak členství zaniká. Pro zachování členství, stačí zaplacení členského příspěvku, ke kterému bude vydán odznak MO k jeho založení.

Ceny povolenek 2017

Celosvazová mimopstruhová 2100,-Kč
Celosvazová pstruhová 2150,-Kč
Krajská mimopstruhová 1200,-Kč
Krajská pstruhová 1200,-Kč


dopis členům  zde: dopis-clenum-2017